Android App

Say hello to your new favorite productivity app on Android! Saasuma is your own mobile search engine that allows you to connect all your cloud directories and search across files from one location--no matter where you saved them. Manage your Android cloud storage, organize files, and collaborate with your team even when you’re out and about.

iOS App

Our beautifully designed app optimizes your workflow even when you’re on the go. Your personal iOS search engine enables you to organize and manage files directly from your iPhone or iPad. Sync your iOS mobile cloud storage and get instant access to all your cloud directories. Edit files and share important documents or messages directly with your team, anywhere and anytime.


Windows App

We’ve created a Windows desktop application that is simple and easy to use. Install the app and sync your files and documents, making all content available through your personalized Windows search engine. With our centralized search box, you can search across all your cloud directories, share documents with your team, and save time hunting for information.

MacOS App

Apple users, we know you value functionality! Install our MacOS Saasuma application and get instant access to all your files from any Apple device. Connect your favorite software applications, sync your data, and search across all your cloud directories and files directly from our Mac app. Share your most important files with your team and seriously streamline your workflow.