New Releases and Past Features

We are continuously making changes, introducing new features, and improving the overall functionality to make Saasuma the platform of your dreams. We are always listening to user feedback and are committed to helping you save those precious minutes (or even hours!) that are so easily lost in today’s complex digital environment.


With our new browser extension Unibox you can search your clouds and the internet from the same page. Saasuma is now side-by-side with Google, enabling you to quickly find all the files you need. Say goodbye to aimless searching and find your files in a snap, all from one web browser. 

Download Unibox for free from the Chrome web store link.


Saasuma now enables you to access cloud storage from your favorite messaging apps like Gmail, Outlook, and Slack directly from the home menu.

Once you integrate these apps with Saasuma, there is no need to open the native software where your files are stored - they’ve all been synced with Saasuma! Simply navigate through the apps just like you would navigate through folders on your computer.

Add integrations

Connect your sources more smoothly than ever, from devices to cloud storage and messaging apps. You can also request new integrations directly from the dashboard. We’ll continue adding the most asked-for integrations from the Saasuma community.

Simply click on the red “+” button in the navigation bar, click on “Add New Source” and connect your desired sources.

Multiple selections

We’re all about making your workflow as smooth as possible. To save a few more minutes every day, you can select multiple files at once and add them to your custom collections. And don’t forget to label them to make them even easier to find!

Color labels

We’ve introduced color labels so you can organize your files based on their priority and never miss a deadline again. Add a custom label name, choose your preferred color, and flag your files according to their urgency. We’ve also added these labels to the home menu so they’re always easily accessible.


Create collections of your most frequently searched items. Our user interface should look familiar, with collections that act like folders--allowing you to organize your files just as you would on your computer. 

Are you constantly searching for receipts to keep track of your spending? Create a collection of all your monthly receipts and access them with one click.

Simply go to “Collections”, click on the “+” button, give it a name (e.g. Receipts), and press enter. If you want to add a file to the collection, select the chosen file, click “Add to Collection” and choose the collection for your file.

Expanded Preview Panel

We expanded the preview panel for better viewing and a roomier workspace. When you select a file and the preview pops up, you can take all the same actions as before, but with a little more space.

A Central Directory

Let’s say you want to skip the broad search and access your cloud storage from a specific source, like Dropbox or Google Drive. Saasuma now allows you to access your integrated sources from a central Directory, like the classic Documents folder, but for your cloud files.

Because your cloud storage is integrated with Saasuma, there’s no need to open the native software where your files are stored. Just navigate between your files using Saasuma’s Directory like you’d navigate through folders stored on your computer.

Our new filters also apply within the Directory, so you can refine your searches and cut through the clutter whether you’re searching your entire cloud environment or just one source.

Recent Searches and Viewed Files

We've created some smart shortcuts to save you even more time. Do you find yourself asking where you saved that file you were just working on? You don’t need to conduct a full search every time you’re looking for a file. Now you have a shortcut to recently viewed and recently searched items. Just go to Recently Viewed to access your latest projects and communications, or see your Recent Searches panel to revisit the keywords you’ve been searching lately.

Search from Any Page

You can now conduct a search from any page in Saasuma, rather than navigating to Saasuma’s main page. We’ve also added new filters to refine and quicken your search using key criteria. For example, you can filter your query by documents and PDFs if you don’t want to pull up search results for videos and images.

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