Stack, all your software in one place.

Stack is in a unique position of being able to guarantee you savings across your Saasuma software stack. Our platform that helps you arrange and plan different types of SaaS platform, all placed on one single dashboard.

We promise to save you money, start today and lower your costs.


Monitor your software usage

Using the same sources you’ve connected, we analyze your software stack to give you analytics on overall employee adoption, cloud storage usage, and API software compatibility - then show you how to cut costs, guaranteed.

Pay only for the tools that really work for you. Get an insight into the performance of each platform you’re using and optimize your spendings based on this data. Saasuma Stack is a software stack management tool that will help increase your productivity and save money at the same time.

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Use your software or browse for new one:

Import the software you are using now or import new one from our list. Check the discounts and choose your best option.

With Saasuma you can get special deals on standard plans and pay less. Rethink your current spending strategy and choose the tools that will work best for you.

Difficulties choosing the right one? Check out our recommendation tab or request demo with our success team.

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Work together as a team

Invite your team, manage and sync your data together. Streamline your workflow and increase team productivity.

Manage your monthly subscriptions, monitor your monthly expenses and cut costs with our deals. Avoid overpaying and allocate your resources more efficiently.

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Partners: We tend to strike a range of deals and agreements with Saasuma partners. Many of these are able to deliver excellent discounts over their standard plans.

If you don’t see the software you need within the app, let us know what software you need hosted.


Works with tools you already know

Already using other tools and sources within your organization?
Use Saasuma as a central files hub and access files across all services.