Sync and Share your information across clouds and devices.

Teams and systems are stronger in networks, and Saasuma is built to bridge the gaps in your everyday workflow. Sync the tools you use to work, and connect your team like never before with our powerful collaboration tools.

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Sync your work in real time.

Saasuma helps you integrate your workflow and keep everything updated in real time across devices. Technology should make things simpler. Sync cloud storage, sync devices, then enjoy a totally streamlined work experience.


Share files with your team.

Strengthen your teamwork and promote real time collaboration with a unified platform everyone can use. With seamless file sharing and easy to use team communication tools, your team will save precious time and energy for the work that really matters.


Sync your cloud software from one central hub.

Saasuma connects the software you already use, saving you the effort of switching between tabs and windows to complete simple tasks. Sync your favorite cloud apps within our unified portal and let Saasuma centralize your daily activities.

Frustrated by formats that aren’t compatible with your software? We’ve got a fix for that too. Say you receive a file via Dropbox but you use Google Drive. We simply convert the file to your preferred software and keep your team in sync.


You received a file from Google Drive but you use Dropbox?

No problems!

We convert and keep in sync.



100% secure.

  • 1 256-bit encryption:
    We use bank-level SSL encryptions to keep your data safe.
  • 2 Two-factor Authentication:
    For a more secure login process.
  • 3 Proactive threat protection:
    We take measures to proactively assure your security, notifying you of any flags.
  • 4 IP/Activity Monitoring:
    Track device access and account history. Your information belongs to you.

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  • 58+ software integrations
  • Unparalleled search functionality
  • Real-time software analytics
  • Cross-cloud and cross-device search and sync
  • Centralized cloud workspace

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Works with tools you already know.

Already using other tools and sources within your organization?
Use Saasuma as a central files hub and access files across all services.