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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Saasuma Search going to help with my daily workflow?

According to recent studies, employees spend hours on searching for information across their suite of applications. With Saasuma, you will only need a few seconds to find a document, email, chat or a task. This will significantly improve your workflow and increase your productivity.

I use a laptop, a mobile phone and a tablet. Can I search for files across these devices with Saasuma?

Yes, Saasuma supports searching across devices and it allows you to have all data in one place. Find files, emails or chats with a single click, no matter on which device it is stored.

How can Saasuma increase the productivity of my remote team?

Organizations with remote teams face the challenge of synchronizing the work between team members by using different collaborative tools. However, there are always loopholes in the workflow. That’s why you need a centralized system like Saasuma which will sync the work between team members, no matter which cloud software they are using. It will help you streamline your workflow and increase team productivity.

How can I share my work with team members?

Saasuma allows sharing information between team members. Easily share documents, photos and videos stored on any cloud or device with one click. You have full control over the privacy over your data and can authorize people to view or edit your files.

How can I save money with Saasuma Stack?

Today, companies are using different types of software for their everyday work. However, they rarely have full control over their spendings which may cause overpaying for some tools. With Stack, you have an overview of all your software subscriptions and their usage. You can use this data to optimize your costs and save money.

Do you offer any discounts for software subscriptions in your library?

With our partners we offer special deals on software for Saasuma users. We make sure our users get the best prices on the market. You can subscribe to the software tool you need directly from your dashboard.

How many users can I add to an account?

It depends on the plan you’re subscribed to. If you use the Free plan, then you can’t add additional users. However, you can add as many users as you like if you have a Pro or Enterprise account, and you will be charged for each additional user according to the plan you’re subscribed to. We offer special deals for 100+ users, so you can contact us for more details on email: support@saasuma.com.

What type of cloud software can I connect to Saasuma?

We support a wide range of integrations including cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox), email (Gmail, Outlook), chat tools (Slack) and project management applications (Asana, Monday.com). We are constantly improving our product and adding new sources according to your needs.

Can I import multiple accounts from one type of source?

Yes, you can connect as many accounts as you like. We understand that everyone has several Gmail, OneDrive or Dropbox accounts and the idea behind Saasuma is to help you manage all clouds from a single place.

Once I connect a source, is my information stored on your servers?

We don’t store any data on our servers. Saasuma only indexes the information on your clouds and devices, so you can use search across clouds, OCR, and other features. Your data is not re-uploaded on our servers, so information is not kept when you disconnect a source.

Can I manage the access and sharing settings for my clouds?

Yes, you have full control over the sharing and access settings to your cloud storage and communication. Grant access to your files and turn on/off the option for file sharing with one click.

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