Your fully customized workspaces.

A bird’s eye view of your organization and all of your created workspaces. As the organization’s owner, you can add and manage different workspaces, add the apps your team needs to get their work done, define the roles of your employees and take care of the invoices and billing information.

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Manage all your apps.

Have an overview of all the apps that are connected to your workspaces. Add new apps, delete the ones you don’t need anymore and define which teams or team members can have access to certain software pieces.

Not all the team members are working with the same apps all the time. For example, you can define that only your marketing and sales team can have access to HubSpot, while only your developers can integrate GitHub.

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Team Management Made Easy.

One central hub to manage all of your workspace and its members. As the organization’s owner, you’ll be able to see everyone’s personal details, activity and connected apps, and you can assign admins and define other roles. Here you can also change your organization’s plans and define billing settings.

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All of your invoices in one place.

Keeping track of your invoices doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve made it easy for you. Access all of your invoices and billing information with one click.

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