Saasuma Security


We place a major emphasis on your data security. We put you in control of sharing and access, with informative signage and two-factor authentication to ensure that only those that should have access to your content can see it.

We also give you an activity timeline for each piece of content so you can have a full insight.

256-bit Data Encryption

Saasuma uses 256-bit encryption to provide maximum security for your data. This advanced encryption standard will keep your privacy at the highest level.

Sharing & Access Control

We give you the full sharing and access control for your cloud storage and communication. Easily manage who is authorized to see your files, and turn on/off the file sharing on just one click!

Two-Factor Authentication

Dual-factor verification adds an extra security layer to the whole authentication process and allows users to maximize the protection of their emails, chats and cloud storage files.


We don't store your information!

The data from your clouds and devices are only indexed on our server, and it allows you to use cross-cloud search, OCR, and our other features. We don't re-upload your files to our storage or keep any information once you disconnect a source. Your information is fully encrypted, but without leaving your clouds and devices.
Also, Saasuma is fully GDPR compliant, and meets all EU standards to provide the full protection of your data.