Your Most Important Files Always On Hand

Create custom collections of your most frequently searched items, and use stars and color labels to track and organize essential files.

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Create custom collections to serve as shortcuts to your most visited files and documents. Are you constantly searching for receipts to keep track of your spending? Create a collection of all your monthly receipts and access them with one click.


We’re all about collaboration! Together with your team, you can create categories for specific projects or themes. Are you working on a seasonal promotion? Create a category named “promotion” where your team can add files, emails, and chats related to the project.

Color Labels

Organize your files based on their priority and never miss a deadline again. Add a custom label name, choose your preferred color, and flag your files according to their urgency.


Save time searching by giving high priority to certain files. Mark your favorite items with a star and they’ll always appear at the top of relevant search results.

Do you already have some “starred” documents in Gmail and Google Drive? There’s no need to mark them again in Saasuma. Simply choose to import your favorite items from other supported locations.

Shared with Me

Sharing files is important when working in teams, and we make this content accessible to you in the Shared with me category. Saasuma provides you with a comprehensive list of content shared with you and by whom. It simplifies the way you manage shared content and lets you find any file or communication instantly.

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256-bit encryption

Security is paramount. We use bank-level SSL encryptions to keep your data secure.