Saasuma has you covered on all fronts!

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Windows App

Saasuma has simple to use desktop application for Windows. Install the app to easily sync your files and folders, making any content you want available within your search results. It supports team collaboration and you can edit and share your work with the team in real time.

The desktop application also puts our search box front and center on your computer. Open the app, search: Get the results you need. It will become your personalized Windows search engine and save you time on looking for information across cloud storage and devices.

MacOS app

MacOS users can install the application and get instant access to all their connected sources and devices. You can sync all your folders to Saasuma and access your data from any device. Saasuma supports search across cloud storage, email and chat communication, and you can also sync and share content with other users.

Saasuma is a must-have Mac app that will save you hours every week and streamline your workflow. Rather than searching aimlessly for information, with Saasuma you’re just a click away.

Android app

We have created a fully featured mobile search app for your Android devices. This Android application serves as your personal mobile search engine for any clouds and devices integrated within Saasuma. Manage your Android cloud storage, sync and share your files and communications, and control your SaaS costs on the go with software stack management.

Saasuma is different from other Android cloud sync apps because it allows you to connect more sources and manage all your content from one place. You can sync content from your Android devices and easily locate it in the future.

We also support search from our mobile app, so you can search across all your cloud sources when you’re out and about. This mobile app will make your digital life far easier, and it’s sure to top your list of the best productivity apps for Android.

iOS app

Our application is designed to be your personal iOS search engine and help you find any file, email or chat instantly. Sync your mobile cloud storage with Saasuma and find information on any platform directly from your iPhone or iPad. The iPhone search functionality will give you instant access to all your clouds.

The app allows you to search email on iPhone, share files with your teammates and access your cloud storage on any device. It will soon become one of your favorite iOS productivity apps as it simplifies your everyday activities and optimizes your workflow.