Speech to Text
and OCR

Saasuma Plans

Video and audio become searchable

Audio and video are really rich mediums for data transference but they aren’t always that easy to refer back to or search across. Until you came across Saasuma.

Saasuma runs your video and audio files through our speech to text servers and makes them searchable. This means that you don’t need a speech to text app to convert rich media content into searchable format. Saasuma will take care of this and search through any video or audio file format just as it does with your files which contain text.

With Saasuma, you get a personal audio and video content search engine across clouds and devices. You can easily find the content you need in future, even if it was shared within a video or audio file. You can plan the files in the search results too.

OCR applied to all images and PDFs

Saasuma always aims to ensure that your digital life becomes ever more searchable, particularly as your digital files portfolio continues to grow and will do indefinitely into the future as everything in our lives becomes more bits and bytes.

Searching through images and PDFs is not impossible. Using OCR technology, we remove the obstacles from searching images and PDF files through its content, and you don’t need special OCR scanners or other software. Saasuma does all that for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember the name of the file. Simply type in the keyword associated with its content and we will find it by searching through the image or the pdf file itself. We run your images and PDFs through our OCR tools to make sure that these files appear in search results when needed alongside more traditionally ‘searchable’ documents.