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The average employee spends two hours every day searching for files within their own digital environment. We can do better.

Hello, from Saasuma.

Our mission is your digital peace of mind.


We’re a team of tech enthusiasts creating solutions to the most annoying problems faced by modern professionals. Our team spans 20 countries and we share a common drive: to bring simplicity to your digital life.

It all started with a nagging question. How are we supposed to operate productive companies when we have unproductive workflows? When we use countless software applications and save our files in a thousand different places?

In a way, our technology is an extension of our brain.

We can use it well--or end up stuck.

We’re here to free up some capacity in your mind by giving you a better way to interact with your files and devices. A search engine for your digital environment.

Saasuma offers cloud optimization tools for teams of all sizes, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, managing a team at work, or running an enterprise-level company.

Here’s to smoother workdays.

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