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Lifetime Saasuma Account

  • · Optimize Spend
  • · All Clouds Support
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  • · Search via web, mobile or desktop
  • · Search across clouds and devices
  • · OCR
  • · Voice-to-Text
  • · Facial Recognition
  • · Sharing
  • · Actions
  • · Collections

How Saasuma can help you everyday:


Search across your cloud and devices

Saasuma is a one-stop hub giving you quick access to all your files, emails and communications. Instead of logging into numerous accounts and hunting through your cloud storage, you can use one powerful tool to search all your integrated sources at once.

Sync and share with your team

Sync your devices and keep using the software you like best. If you received a file via Dropbox but you want to open it with Google Drive, no problem. Saasuma serves as a bridge for your team, helping you seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues in real time.

Optimize your software stack

Get valuable insights into your software stack with statistics on cloud storage use and software adoption metrics. Reduce your software costs by eliminating the SaaS subscriptions that don’t work for you, and browse our market to get discounts on monthly subscriptions for the software you need to work more smoothly.

Reap the Benefits of Saasuma

  • Access all cloud storage, documents, and messages from one platform.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating hours of aimless searching every day.
  • Streamline collaboration between team members with Saasuma Sync and Share.
  • Save money on your software stack and get special deals on new subscriptions.

256-bit encryption

Security is paramount. We use bank-level SSL encryptions to keep your data secure.