Never lose another file.

Saasuma’s intelligent search tool enables you to access all your files from a single location. Using our cloud search engine, you can search across cloud services and devices from our desktop or mobile search app. No more losing track of important files and conversations.


58+ integrations: Sync your software and access everything from one portal.


Search across cloud software.

Saasuma Search is your personal file search engine, centralizing all of your files into an easy to navigate dashboard. Just connect your favorite platforms and transform your scattered cloud environment into a smart network connecting online file storage, note-taking apps, and more.

Search across communications channels.

Saasuma indexes your Slack and email conversations, helping you keep track of important communications. Can’t remember where you discussed that important project? Just type a few keywords into the search bar and Saasuma will present matching results across all your synced accounts.


Search across all your devices.

You can’t take your tech with you everywhere, and now you don’t need to. Connect your smartphones and desktop computers, then have access to your devices even if they’re not on hand. Sync devices and make them smarter by enabling them to work together.

Connect your whole team.

Remote collaboration is essential for success in our modern environment, and Saasuma helps you seamlessly locate and share files with your teammates. Add collaborators to your network of synced files, and set permissions to specify what you want to share with certain team members.

Stop hunting and start finding. Connect all your devices and search everything from one place.

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