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Empower Asana’s cloud based project management solution with cross-app searchability, and add another revenue stream to your business.

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Become a Saasuma + Asana Affiliate

Becoming a Saasuma’s Affiliate Program partner is a great way to add new revenue from existing Asana customers, while providing them a better solution to managing multiple projects on different Asana accounts.

Benefits for you and your customers

Search anything from one place

Users get a single location where they can search anything across clouds and devices. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and powerful filters, will save them time on searching documents, tasks, emails and chats.

Sync & Collaborate teamwork

Users will easily access and edit the content shared with them. A list of who shared what, and when will help them have control over the shared documents and Asana tasks.

Control SaaS cost

The Saasuma stack module will help the executive team members to monitor software usage and spendings all software subscriptions from a single dashboard

Affiliate revenue model

Our goal is to provide you with a simple way to earn additional revenue, without minimum sales or limits. Each affiliate gets 10% on every subscription sold. Simple as that.

Tools to Boost Your Sales

Affiliates are equipped with tools to help them with the sales process, such as demo videos, email swipes, scripts, and copy examples. Schedule unlimited demos with your prospective clients and offer them free trial accounts.

Ongoing Support

Our support team will be with you every step of the way and provide support via phone, email, chat and video conferencing. Receive regularly updated content with each new feature release.

How can Saasuma help you?

  • Cross-sell to your customers and earn uncapped revenue through our Affiliate program
  • Offer customers a genuine solution that will benefit their digital lives
  • Enhance Asana’s capabilities and the ease-of-use, decreasing churn rates
  • Provide customers a personalized experience with free trial accounts already set up with their Asana account
  • Give value-added service with Saasuma Enterprise to top level executives looking to control their SaaS cost

Start with Saasuma + Asana now:

Firstly, you will need to create a free Saasuma account using your Asana email, so we can link both accounts. You will use the Saasuma account to manage your affiliate status, as well.

· Create a free Saasuma account

Saasuma connects all your Asana accounts into one place, where you can easily search, view, edit and share files with your team members. The search bar offers a seamless search experience across your Asana account and devices with a single click. Additionally, it allows a real-time collaboration with your team.

Our library of customisable emails is a great way to communicate with your customers and introduce them to Saasuma. Email campaigns are one of the best marketing tools for generating sales, so start sending custom emails to your customers and watch your commissions go up!

There’s no better way to sell a product than demonstrating how it works directly to your customers. Setup a product demo and let them see all the features in action.

Monitor your performance and plan your growth strategy based on your current earnings. Our affiliate program lets you track your monthly commissions and helps you in setting your strategic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Saasuma is a cloud search engine that integrates all your cloud accounts and devices into one location. It lets you connect your local files, personal and work emails, personal cloud storage, work cloud documents and images, chats. Simply put, you can access anything from your digital life from a single dashboard.

By integrating your Asana account to Saasuma, you will have instant access to your Asana content and be able to search across your projects and tasks from one place, along with your chats, emails, cloud storage, and other cloud services connected to Saasuma. It enables a real-time collaboration and lets you view, edit and share files with your team.

Definitely, you’re in the right place! Your sales efforts in referring Saasuma products to your existing Asana customers are the key factor to the success of this program. We win and earn together!

Our Affiliate Program lets you earn commission by converting current Asana customers to Saasuma customer referrals using our promotional assets. Joining the program creates new revenue streams for your business by adding value to your customer’s digital lives.

Affiliates make ten percent of any monthly or annual subscription sold. High performers are eligible to receive bonuses as they hit higher tiers of customer conversion. Additionally, we organize monthly sales contests and our affiliates can win big prizes. You can get an overview of the full sales funnel here.

It’s completely free! Joining the Saasuma Affiliate program is easy, with no additional requirements except Asana and Saasuma accounts. Most importantly, there are no minimum sales required to earn commission.

As an Asana sales consultant, you already have an account and you’re eligible to this program. There’s just one step involved, which includes creating a login to the free version of Saasuma with your Asana email. After logging in, you will get full access to the platform and the resources. As you make a sale, it will be automatically attributed to your affiliate account.

We’re here to help you

We're at your disposal for every question, doubt, or suggestion that you might have. No matter if it's related to our features, demos, or pricing - we're happy to help you! Feel free to write to us and expect our answer shortly.